Salvage Yards - Recycling Used Auto Parts for a Green New World

Used Auto Parts are Recycled and Reused, Making them a fantastic option for a sustainable future.

Careen Espanola - June 14, 2022

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Salvage Yards - Recycling Wrecked Cars Sustainably

Our Salvage Yard that serves Colorado Springs and Fort Collins loves the environment. Our goal for every salvage car we dismantle is to produce minimal to ZERO wastage and pollution. The concept of salvaging used auto parts may be a vague concept for many. 
So, what does it mean to salvage something? Salvaging originally came from the nautical perspective. It is a term used to recover a ship and cargo from loss. Today, salvaging has become a typical term for recovering and saving what is left of a wrecked vehicle.  This process has been modified and perfected by Salvage Yards in Colorado Springs and Salvage Yards in Fort Collins over the last couple decades.  Now, we’re efficiently recycling or using tons of the extra metals and quality used auto parts off of the wrecked vehicles we buy.

Selling Responsibly at Salvage Yards
Central Auto Parts dismantles every salvaged car we handle according to the laws implemented by the government. Doing so lets us disassemble wrecked cars without emitting any harmful elements into the environment.  We want to keep the environment in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins clean and we do our part by providing used auto parts through clean automotive recycling.
From the major mechanical parts such as the engine and transmission to body parts like doors, headlights, taillights, fenders, hoods, trunk lid, and wheels are all used auto parts are processed responsibly. After years of operation, our team has come up with ways to recover our costs. The simple solution was to salvage more vehicles. 
Making sure that every used auto part is reused or recycled and does not go to waste is another eco-friendly practice of salvage yards in Colorado Springs. Also, Salvage Yards in Fort Collins practice recycling, upcycling, remanufacturing, or even repairing some auto parts to put it into good use. Almost no used auto parts are left behind or go to waste at our salvage yards in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins

Turning Waste to Usable Goods
Salvaging vehicles means not leaving any waste behind. We have relationships with Junkyards in Fort Collins and Junkyards in Colorado Springs that we can sell metals to for complete recycling.  Further, our salvage yard removes or wholesales every part that we can sell or recycle to become more cost-effective.  Mainly, we salvage every used auto part to avoid additional waste in Fort Collins or Colorado Springs. So, rather, the salvage yards take the trash and turn it into something that is usable. 
Wrecked vehicles contain fluids and recoverable materials that serve no purpose anymore. Fluids such as the gasoline drained. We reuse that gas by using them for our delivery trucks that bring you the used auto parts you just ordered.  We deliver to both Fort Collins and Colorado Springs. The oils, on the other hand, are sold to companies that recycle or upcycle them into another compound. 
Automotive recyclers, Junkyards, and Salvage Yards in Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are making the most out of wrecked vehicles while saving the planet. Central Auto Parts is devoted to making sure we leave little to no carbon footprints on our operations. We are advocates of the green industry. We practice a circular economy and live sustainably as much as we can.  So, when you support our salvage yard, you’re not only supporting the local economies in Fort Collins and Colorado Springs, but you are supporting the green revolution one used auto part at a time!

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