Salvage Yards - U Pull it vs Full Service

Details on Different Types of Salvage Yards

Careen Espanola - August 30, 2021

Not every Salvage Yards or Used Auto Parts providers offer the same used car part products or service. There is a fine line between full-service salvage yards and self-service salvage yards. Knowing the difference will help you identify which to call if you need some car assistance. So, here is a simple explanation about the difference between the two:

What is Full-Service Salvage Yards?

Central Auto Parts is a Full-Service Salvage Yard. We do all the heavy lifting and the dirty work. Our online store contains all the available products we have on hand and customers can simply get us a call if they want to purchase. 

Full-service salvage yards typically garner higher process cost due to the extensive process done to ensure top-notch quality used car parts. Central Auto Parts carefully removes, clean, test, and prepare the salvaged car parts before it lands in the customer’s hands. Thus, rest assured used car parts acquired from full-service salvage yards are in good quality and ready to use. 

While small items such as cup holders, clips, and trim pieces come at a lower cost, these car parts are cost-prohibitive for salvage yards that offer full service. Transmissions, transfer cases, differentials, wheels, rear axles, airbags, speedometers, stereos, navigation units, doors, trunk-lids, fenders, and hoods, on the other hand, are always readily available for purchase and always at a pristine quality that comes with a strong and varied warranty option. 

Self-Service Salvage Yards or U-Pull It Salvage Yards

Self-service salvage yards, as the name implies, will only show you where the wrecked vehicle is and you go out into the yard and find and remove the car part yourself. For someone without experience or who isn’t a mechanic, it will be quite a challenge. But if you are, you can for sure save a lot of money in terms of the cost of the used car part and the labor. 

On a different note, U-Pull It yards don’t assess the functionality and quality of the car parts in their yards. So, if you happen to take out an engine that is not working, then it will be a complete loss of time, effort, and money. Additionally, self-service salvage yards offer a shorter warranty period and are less comprehensive than what a full-service salvage yard can offer. There is no robust security in terms of availability, quality, and your money. 

Central Auto Parts has professional sales staff to help you with your used car part needs. Give us a call, and we’ll handle everything for you. 


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