3 Tips on Buying a Used Transmission Online

What to look out for when buying used transmissions online.

Careen Española - March 15, 2021

How To Buy Transmissions Online?

When your gears start to grind, your transmission starts to slip, or your vehicle is generally just not working as smooth as it used to, these are sure signs you may need some used parts replacement or repair. The transmission is a crucial piece in your car and it needs to run flawlessly as possible for safe driving. 

Car part replacement can cost a lot. Buying a new part and having them installed will take a lot of bucks in your pocket. But, you also have an option to opt for a used car part that is cheaper and can deliver the same value to your money but cheaper. The problem though is how to choose and how to buy safe, reliable, good quality, used auto parts online. 

With so many options coming up on your search engine, it can get overwhelming. It can be easier, on a brighter note. All you need to do is to consider three steps before making a purchase decision.

3 Tips on Buying Used Transmission Online

Do Your Research First

The first thing you need to look for is a reputable local salvage yard. The most credible recyclers in Colorado are BBB Accredited with at least an A rating. Salvage yards that belong in the local and national associations and organizations in the industry are the most legitimate and reliable. 

If the salvage yard is a part of Colorado Automotive Recyclers (CAR), United Recyclers Group, and Automotive Recyclers Association, it is a sure shot sign that they are professionals and complies with the top-notch standard of the industry. Moreover, Team PRP is the cream of the crop in the country and it is another indication that the salvage yard is trustworthy. 

On your next purchase or if you need top choice salvage transmissions, make sure to get them from your professional local salvage yard in Colorado. 

Know Your Specific Used Car Part Needs

Every car is designed unique and car parts are modified depending on the model. If your vehicle needs replacement, it is very important to know exactly what you need. Take note of your car model, year, and specs that need replacement. 

Then, go online and have VIN before you start probing for used or remanufactured transmission. VIN is essential so recyclers will know the exact part you need. After, be familiar with the basic information that you need to provide. Know your engine size, know whether you are driving an automatic or manual transmission, have your drive train data ready, and know whether you have an AWD, 4WD, or FWD. 

Choose a Salvage Yard with Excellent Warranty

There is little room for used transmission to fail. But, just to be extra sure of what you’re purchasing, choose a salvage yard that offers a great warranty deal. Given the fact that salvage transmission is less likely to fail, it is still possible that it can. And the cost of installation can be quite expensive. 

Installing transmissions may need hours and hours of technical work and a professional mechanic to ensure quality. Thus, savvy consumers often consider labor protection or looking for a salvage yard that offers an extended warranty that will protect them from unforeseen incidence such as replacement costs of defective engines. Hence, it only sounds right and ideal to acquire an extended warranty when it comes to your transmission replacement.

Central Auto Parts have been in the industry for over four decades. We are one of the first in Colorado to provide high-standard used auto parts with excellent car repair and installation services. With our years of experience, we at Central Auto Parts know every corner of the industry. Hence, we extend more effort in providing our clients convenient transactions, Grade A salvage car parts, professional service, and great value to their money. 

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