Used Auto Parts - Parts Only Warranty vs Parts and Labor Warranty

Basic information on warranty levels on used auto parts and what to expect

By Ben Silver - August 7, 2019

Used auto parts can be a very reliable and durable alternative to brand new auto parts.  And used auto parts can carry warranties that will protect consumers should there be a failure in the purchased auto parts down the road.  This article will give you some insight on what to expect from warranties and what options you have when dealing with salvage yards and used auto parts.

Parts Only Warranty
Most salvage yards will have a standard warranty on the used auto parts they sell.  This warranty may range from 30 days to 6 months.  The duration of this warranty is simply expressing how long you will be able to return the product or get your money back if you receive a used part that has a defect or problem.  Often times, if there is an issue with a particular part, you will know relatively quickly.  For instance, in most cases of a problem with an engine or transmission, you will know soon after the part is installed because the vehicle will have drivability issues.  So, under a standard "Parts Only" warranty, if there is a defective part or issue you can claim the defect and get a replacement part or your money back.  These warranties won't cover the labor to remove or install the part that was purchased.

Parts and Labor Warranty
In order to cover customers to a deeper degree, some auto recyclers offer a form of insurance called a "Parts and Labor Warranty" on the used auto parts they sell. If a consumer purchases a parts and labor warranty with the part, then they have insurance against the labor/installation should there be a defect.  Most parts and labor warranties will also extend the duration of the overall warranty for a much longer period.  So, purchasing a parts and labor warranty will cover the cost of your installation if you have defect within the duration of the warranty.  When purchasing and engine or transmission, this can be very smart move given the high cost of labor and installation at the shop.  For instance, on a $1000 engine, we can cover parts and labor for only $280.  The cost of the installation could be anywhere from $800-$2000 to install that particular part.  If your installation is on the high side of that scale, you definitely want to consider purchasing the labor warranty and extending the duration of warranty.  Further, mechanical auto parts like engines and transmissions have some mileage and wear when purchased used.  If they're taken care of properly, then they can last a long time.  But you never know when a problem could arise.  So if you're purchasing a product with 80,000+ miles on it, it would be wise to consider extending the warranty period to cover the life of the vehicle.  At Central Auto Parts, we can cover our used engines and transmissions for 1 Year, 2 Years, or even a Lifetime including labor.

Claims and Service
The last component to the used auto parts warranty discussion is the claims process.  At Central, we have developed an efficient method to have claims processed and handled quickly and professionally.  It's important that when you're having an issue with a purchased part, it's addressed in this manner.  After gathering some information from the repair facility, we go through a troubleshooting checklist and are able to solve some issues in this step.  We also follow up by sending out an expert inspector to assess the repair situation and make a recommendation on the claim.  Once the claim is verified, we waste no time in providing a replacement part and getting the installation handled.

No matter what the auto part is your purchasing, new, aftermarket, or used, you have about the same probability of running into a defect.  But if you want to save a lot of money and still have the peace of mind that your part and labor installation is insured, consider purchasing a used auto part with a parts and labor warranty.

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