Reasons to Buy Used Auto Parts from Central Auto Parts

By Ben Silver - July 10, 2019

Central Auto Parts is a great option for anyone looking to save money on used auto parts, search online for used auto parts, and use our blogs to gather information about salvage yards and automotive recycling.  You can order auto parts online, or just start your search here and contact our auto parts professionals to help you with your sale.

Here are some reasons to consider buying used auto parts from Central Auto Parts…

1. Low Prices and Big Savings - Central Auto Parts systematically re-prices inventory to make sure our customers are getting the best possible price for a particular auto part.  Generally, when purchasing a used auto parts from us, you’ll save 60%-70% vs a brand new part from the dealer.

2. Huge Auto Parts Inventory - We're constantly and consistently purchasing salvage vehicles to increase our inventory of used auto parts.  We want to keep it local and be able to provide our customers used parts from our local inventory whenever possible.  If we don’t have it locally, we’re connected to a vast network of salvage yards and used auto parts providers.  We can get you the auto part you need, and get it as soon as possible.

3. Top Quality - Professional recyclers like Central have systems of quality control, inventory management, and parts washing in place to reduce damaged parts, inventory issues, and filthy used auto parts.  We aim to provide clean, quality used auto parts on every order.  We serve automotive professionals like garages and body shops, as well as retail consumers.

4. Great Warranties - Professional Salvage Yards will carry a warranty of at least 90 days on their mechanical parts like engines and transmissions.  At Central, we go above and beyond offering from 1 Year all the way to Lifetime Warranties.  We can also provide labor warranties to insure your investment in your vehicle.

5. Clean, Comfortable Office - At Central, we take pride in our facility and make sure that customers are comfortable in our well-lit, clean, sales office.  This is not your average grimy, greasy used parts office.  We have a sofa and Kuerig Coffee so you’re comfortable should you need to wait a bit. 

6. Late Model Salvage Yard - Some recyclers aren’t purchasing the newer vehicles due to their high cost.  But most of the vehicles on the road are roughly 10-11 years old.  So we try to purchase auto salvage and sell used auto parts that fall into this year range.  This allows us to sell the auto parts that you need.

7. We’re a Green Company - Central goes above and beyond the recommended requirements by government agencies to ensure we're not releasing pollutants into the environment.  We utilize equipment that recycles our wash bay water to reduce our water usage and create ZERO drainage of oils or solvents from our wash bay into the environment.  We take care to drain oils and fluids from our engines and transmissions before they’re dismantled.  This ensures a clean product and full capture of the fluids.

8. Professional and Trained Sales Staff - We train our sales staff for 12 weeks before there ready to serve and sell to our commercial customers.  We utilize a rigorous training program to ensure that our people are prepared to help customers in an attentive and courteous manner.

We're proud to be Denver's Leader in Auto Recycling and a provider of clean, quality, used auto parts. These are just a few of the reasons why we believe you’ll be satisfied with the used auto parts and service when shopping with us.  Hope to see you in the office or hear from you soon!

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