Get Your Car or Truck Ready for the Summer Heat!

Here's some tips to prepare your vehicle for the summer driving season

By Ben Silver - June 21, 2017

Summer is beautiful in Colorado but we can get some very, very, hot daytime temps.  I wanted to give some basic tips on caring your car, truck, or SUV and the used auto parts that make it up.  In Colorado and Denver, the heat of the summer is great for BBQ's but tough on engines and transmissions.  So let's start with the cooling system.  Obviously, summer is the prime season for engines to overheat.  We need to avoid this from happening because overheating an engine can lead to a catastrophic failure of the engine.  When an engine overheats, critical seals get damaged, fail, and allow for coolant to mix in with the oil.  Ultimately, your engine doesn't have much of a chance with this mix going on.  Make sure to have the cooling system checked, and at the very least top off the coolant.  You might consider flushing and refilling the coolant if this maintenance procedure hasn't been completed on your car in a while.  This is a great season to check out your engine air filter as well.  Summer can be so hot and dry, you add some wind to that weather mix, and you can expect to have a significant amount of dust in the air.  Check and clean your filters, you might be surprised how much dirt and dust can get caked on to them and reduce your car or trucks performance.  Should you find an issue with the air cleaner box or other part under the hood, give us a call and we'll get you the correct used auto part in no time.  Obviously you want to check your air conditioning system at the beginning of the hot season.  Generally, if it's a little sluggish, it just needs to have the freon recharged to have it blasting cool air throughout your car.  Sometimes the A/C Compressor will begin to fail, and guess who has plenty of quality used A/C Compressors stocked and ready to sell?  You got it! Central Auto Parts has tons of compressors for all makes and models of cars, trucks, vans, and SUV's.

Well those are your main seasonal checks to keep your hot-rod, well, not so hot this summer.  It's always a good idea to check tires in a change of season, do an oil change if your vehicle is due for one, and make sure your brakes and brake components are in good shape.  Enjoy the BBQ's, warm weather, and all the great outdoor activities in Colorado this summer.  And if you need an auto part, call Denver's Leader in Recycled Auto Parts to help you out today!

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