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By Ben Silver - January 11, 2017

Finding quality used auto parts online has never been easier! We just upgraded our online store to make it quick and easy to search and purchase used auto parts online.  We’re very excited to roll out the store and sales have already been coming in every day.  

Just select “SEARCH USED PARTS” from the home page or use this web address if you want to check it out…

Here’s some of the features…

Shopping Cart & Purchase Available

On the old website store, you couldn’t go all the way through the order process.  You would be submitting a request for the part and filling out a secure credit card form.  Then we would go through our system and put the auto parts you needed on an order and run the card.

Now, you simply select the parts you need, add them to cart, and complete the purchase process.  It’s easier for consumers and easier for us on the back end.

Payment Options

On the new store, we were able to add a “payment gateway” through Authorize.Net.  This allows us to take secure payments in real time.  So as soon as you order the auto parts you need from our online store, they’re paid for and the order can be processed.

We also added PayPal as an option for purchase through the website.  Many people use PayPal to make secure payments for all there online purchases.  Now, if you buy a used engine or transmission from us, you can have the same security and simplicity as you have come to expect when shopping online.

Shipping Times and Expectations

Let’s say your mechanic is in a hurry to get that transmission installed and his shop will have room in three days to get your vehicle serviced.  Now, when you’re searching the website store for the correct transmission, you can see how many days it will take to get it to your destination.  Now, to the right side of the screen where it shows all of the different auto parts options, it shows the expected shipping times.  This takes some of the guess work out of the time frame to get your used parts into the shop.

Getting the Correct Used Auto Part

One of the perceived caveats of ordering used auto parts online, is that you’ll order the wrong part on accident or the supplier will provide the wrong part.  Our new website store does it’s best  to guide consumers into selecting the correct part.  After you select the vehicle year, make, and model, then you can select the part you need.  From there, our website uses the most current used parts “interchange” data to ask you the right questions to find out the specifics of your part need.  You can’t proceed to the purchase step unless you answer these questions and select the correct auto part.

New Parts Available

Our new website is connected to a huge database of new aftermarket parts from top quality vendors in addition to our huge inventory of used auto parts.  Simply select “Aftermarket” from the drop down menu that says “Change Departments” to shop for aftermarket parts as well as used parts.

Thanks for taking the time to read up on our awesome new website.  I urge you to check out the new features the next time you’re in need of used auto parts.

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Ben Silver is the CEO of Central Auto Parts and acting President of the Colorado Automotive Recyclers.  When he's not "auto blogging" or pushing Central Auto Parts to new heights, he's chasing his young daughter around the house or tying flies for the next great fishing adventure.

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