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How to find the part you need fast and easy.

By Ben Silver - November 4, 2015

We’ve built a fantastic tool into our website that allows you to search for the specific used auto part that you’re looking for.  Most salvage yards in Denver aren’t utilizing as in-depth searches as we have available.  You simply enter the information for your vehicle and the auto part that you’re looking for and you will get immediate results.  This can save you time on the phone or allow you to see what’s available without picking up the phone.  Here’s the step by step on doing a part search and tips to optimize your auto parts search effectiveness.
You can either select “Search Used Parts” from the menu bar or go direct to our search website page ( to begin your search.
First, we ask that you enter the zip code where the used auto part will need to be shipped.  We want to gather as much information as we can to get the most accurate quote of price and availability to you. 
Now, we need the vital information about your vehicle and auto part needs.  We have drop down menu’s for you to enter your vehicle year, manufacture, and model.  Salvage Yards use a system of “interchange” that uses all of this information to locate the part you need based on an assigned number.  It’s sort of like a SKU system that is used by all automotive salvage yards to help us track inventory and accurately inventory our parts.
Of course we need to know what part you’re looking for.  So, the next drop down menu asks you to select the “Part Type” your looking for.  Here’s a quick tip to optimize your auto part search… Once you click the drop down, just enter the first few characters of the auto part name and it will automatically go to that name in the menu.  This way, you don’t have to scroll up and down searching through all the terms.
Now, we ask that you enter the acceptable mileage into another drop down if you’re searching for mechanical auto parts like used engines, used transmissions, etc.  This helps the salvage yard filter down to show you just the parts that will work for your repair.  Salvage yards in Denver like ours, may have multiple options for the specific engine you’re looking for.  But if your vehicle has 85,000 miles, you’ll probably not be interested in replacing it with a used engine that has 155,000 miles.
We’re ready to click the “Search” button or press Enter to scan our salvage yard for the part you need.  The search screen will populate with available used auto parts that match your need.  You can select the warranty that you prefer and even have the option to “Add to Cart” if you’d like to purchase online.  Otherwise, give us a call and we’ll get you setup with the part you located on our used parts search system.

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