Why Buy Used Auto Parts?

Information on the Benefits of Buying Used Parts

By Ben Silver - August 5, 2015

You might find yourself in the dubious position of having a damaged vehicle that is in need of repair.  This might lead you to the question of whether or not you should buy used auto parts, new parts, or aftermarket auto parts to repair your vehicle.  Never fear, I've got the information you've been looking for to help answer that question.
Save Some Big Bucks With Used Auto Parts $$
Regardless of anything, the obvious benefit of purchasing used or recycled auto parts is cost savings.  Most used auto parts are available at a fraction of the cost of OEM parts.  Some used parts are priced at 60%-70% less than a new OEM parts!  Further, many recyclers are comfortable with negotiating.  Some parts lose value to recyclers as they age at our facilities, so if your timing is right you can get the deal of the decade.  Just find a recycler with professional sales people and work with them find a fair price.  You do not have this option at the dealer selling new auto parts or with an aftermarket auto parts vendor.
OEM Fit and Performance
Used auto parts are OEM parts that were an exact fit and performed at OEM specs on somebody else's vehicle.  Obviously that vehicle is not in use anymore and you get to benefit by purchasing the recycled parts off of that vehicle.  Used engines, transmissions, rear axles, and other mechanical parts my have some wear and tear but are a very safe option compared to something that has been taken apart and rebuilt.  Body parts from aftermarket vendors have a tendency to fit "almost perfect", but not have the same OEM fit of used auto parts.  This can be beneficial for the installation of the used part and for the finished look.
Environmentally Friendly 
Everyone knows that reuse is the highest form of recycling and that by reusing something you can save the costs and resources of manufacturing and transporting a new product.  Recycled auto parts, especially if purchased locally, provide suitable replacement auto parts with minimal manufacturing or resources.  It is estimated that the sale of used auto parts saves over 85 million barrels of oil per year that would be used in the manufacturing of replacement parts.  The recycled steel is used create countless new vehicle bodies and structural steel for construction.  So, if you believe in doing the right thing for our environment and reducing resource exhaustion, then pick up the phone and call an automotive recycler for all your parts needs.

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