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Established in 1977 as "Central Foreign Auto Parts" by a young entrepreneur named Larry Silver, the business grew more successful and refined each year. Larry was the son of a small business owner and understood the importance of ethics and honesty in business. Early on, Larry established that top quality parts and service would be the focus of the Central Foreign Auto Parts. In 2005 after a battle with Leukemia, Larry passed and left the business to his two sons, Ben and Jeff. The principles that the company was started on were reinforced and Central continued to grow and supply high-quality, guaranteed parts to markets across the country. After expansion efforts into domestic auto parts went well, the company changed their name to "Central Auto Parts" in 2014 to better reflect their product offerings.

Today, Central Auto Parts has built a reputation that is second to none in the Denver Metro Area. You can tell quality is the first priority at Central Auto Parts, which is why they are referred to as "Denver's Leader in Recycled Auto Parts!" Nearly all of Central Auto Parts' engines and trnasmissions are run and tested for quality before the are sold to customers; that's how Central can provide customers with the best warranties available! All parts go through a 4-point inspection process and grading scale, and are then entered into a state-of-the-art inventory system to make sure Central Auto Parts employees can accurately describe all inventory items to each customer. Upon purchase, parts are thoroughly cleaned and are available for pick-up or delivery.

Part of the mission at Central Auto Parts is dedication to providing the highest quality recycled parts possible. We will also provide unparalleled customer service, on-time delivery, and treat our clients with kindness, honesty, and respect. Head on down to Central Auto Parts to see this mission at work and do business with a company that truly wants to work with you.

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